well that was a waste of time!

my video card arrived today and i was so excited to put it in my computer and get everything going again… except it ended up being the worst video card i have ever purchased!

i am not the best at picking computer hardware, because i really don’t know enough about it to make a good decision. i was trying to get something better than the geforce 7300 gt that i had previously, and decided on a geforce 9400 gt instead. the major difference was that the 9400 gt was a pci card, where my other card was an agp. upon installing, i swiftly went to second life expecting a great difference in game graphics, but instead i was faced with 1 measly fps… i get more fps on my laptop and its integrated graphics chip! i was so upset, i actually had a little bit of a panic attack… then i took the card out to my father in the living room and told him to send it back, and we looked up another one. this time we carefully looked at our choices, and instead of an nvidia i am getting an ati card. its an agp card this time, and i’m hoping it will do tons better than the other one. my dad is thankfully really good at smooth talking people, and was able to get our restocking fee waved.

this means that i’m stuck on the laptop for a bit longer, and that makes me pretty disappointed… i’m not sure when the new card will be here, as we have to send back the old card first before we can order the new one. probably another week 😦


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