there’s something you guys should see

i have an amazing friend in second life named arahan claveau. he does this amazing stuff called art. do you guys know what art is? no i’m not talking about photo shopping second life pictures, i’m talking about actual art! anyway, he’s a part of this great art show and i think you all should check it out.

brooklyn is watching, is an amazing idea set up by a gallery in the real world called “jack the pelican presents”, that allows people to set up small installations (or not so small) on their sim, at no cost, for about a week, and then they kick it back to you. the coolest part about it is that the whole thing is shown, live, via a computer in the actual gallery, that people in the gallery can navigate around with a small eyeball avatar. so not just second life people get to see the exhibits.

recently “biw” had a huge contest to determine the best of their first year in sl, and finally they chose their 5 winners. those winners are Dancoyote Antonelli, Bryn Oh, Nebulosus Severine, Selavy Oh and Glyph Graves. they were all given a copy of a prim version of the real gallery and told to run with it. their installations will be judged by some people and a winner will be determined out of those 5.

now some of the artists didn’t really like the fact that they were pretty much pitted against one another in a competition, and one of those, the winner selavy oh, decided to make his version of the gallery an installation inside an installation.

selavy asked some of the “rejected” artists to join his exhibit, and show their works. sorta sticking up a middle finger to the whole contest and making it even harder for the judges to decide. i really think he should win solely based on the fact that he gave up his chance to show things in favour of giving his space to others.

one of the people asked to make an installation in selavy’s space, is my dear mr. claveau. arahan has made some amazing, and thought provoking art over the years, and has always been a kind and wonderful friend to me, so i was very excited when he invited lucas and i to see what he had done for the show.

why yes, i am being an ass and not taking a good photo of this so that you will have to actually go and see it!

arahan’s exhibit is very personal to him and though it seems very vacant from this photo, there is a lot of feelings involved in it. he includes a note card which will help you understand what he’s trying to get at, but really even without the note card, you can tell that this is a piece of him. he’s recently also written a blog post about it if you would be interested in a full explanation.

the entire show is pretty amazing, and the artists selavy oh picked are all very different and their exhibits are all very… well.. lets just say, different 😉 and i suck because i forgot the names of most of the people showing in selavy’s space, but i do know that ichibot is also in there, and his stuff is usually a lot of wtf.. but i love it. so dammit there’s plenty to see all around!

the show kicks off today at 1pm slt and runs until august 23rd. you can read more about it, and brooklyn is watching at their website. and do go see the show!

tp to the installations

tp to the party that starts at 1pm slt

and while you’re checking out some fantastic art, do make sure to check out arthole as well.


One thought on “there’s something you guys should see

  1. Hey Nimil!

    I only just saw this as I was Googling to find an old video I lost. Oh well better late than never I suppose. Thank you for blogging about that exhibition, I really got a lot our of participating in it, I loved what Selavy enabled to happen within his space. So we know in that Bryn Oh won the prize, and it was well deserved, she is a huge talent.

    Anyway, take care and see you around.

    -Arahan- x

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