the card stamp rally (now known as CHOICE!) rolled around and knocked me in the face right after buying a very expensive chunk of furniture >_> my wallet and i are now no longer on speaking terms.

i figured i’d just grab one or two things but as usual i went nuts and ended up with several cards hanging off my body. apparently i have never heard of moderation.

lucas and i finally finished the house saturday and put it down on our land. now the furnishing has begun! we’re still working on that part and need to finish making/buying the rest of the stuff we’re going to be putting in it. but i’m so glad the hard part is over with!

we ended up buying this really awesome (AND HUGE!) bed from a small furniture store called “mangoo” the beds are gigantic but they have very sweet poses in them. but because i am crazy for the pose base that instinct sells, we also bought one of those. still need to mod that and set it up, but for now.. relaxing time…

i also want to apologize if the above photos or any photos on this blog are missing.. the host i use for my blog pictures is crapping out i think… fixed.


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