oh god my wallet

for a while now lucas and i have been working on a new house. we’ve lived in our villa for about a year and something now, and decided it was time for a change. so lucas and i came up with an awesome beach house idea, and he built it. now finally we have gotten to the last little bit of work.. some texture aligning, and adding some windows here and there. its really lovely and i’m excited because we’ve got a lot of prims left over which means lots more room for me to decorate!

i’ve spent a ton of money on furniture and hardly got anything! why does furniture in sl cost so much X_x its nice stuff though, and i really appreciate the hard work people have put into the furniture that we got, but damn.. its insane what stuff costs, so in order to preserve a little bit of cash for myself, i’m also trying my hand at building some stuff for the house as well.

i have a secret love for building furniture, but i never really make anything fancy so i never sell it. i made an entire kitchen set up, as well as a little booth and table for the dining area. lucas helped me make some really nice chairs for one of the patio areas, and i’m building more cushy furniture for our tv area.

the house lucas is making is amazing, and i’m not just saying that because he’s making it. i seriously love it, and i can’t wait to show it off! but no pictures till its done being textured cause we’re still working on those textures and it looks silly at the moment.

in other news, i’m getting kinda pissed at the thinc press guy… he has this rediculous update system that requires him to be online to send me my update. its been over a week now i believe.. and i still don’t have my press. i paid a huge chunk of change for that and the book a while ago, and i really don’t like the idea of purchasing it again. so if anyone who reads this knows this guy, could you please poke him and tell him to send me my update!!!!

because of the lack of the thinc press, my awesome photography books will be postponed as well as the ability to offer photo albums for my photo clients. that really sucks :/

other than that, its been a pretty good week. i’m working on some clothes again and i’m getting better all the time!

oh yes should probably mention before i go, its a couple of days till august, and august is my RL birthday month! it also means that my pro flickr account is going to expire… (on the 19th) not going to beg or anything but since i have no real world money >_> if anyone would like to help me keep that.. click here it would be an awesome birthday present!

well that’s all for me, here’s an adorable photo i did before i go.



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