Love Thursday: My Favourite Linden

Torley’s Watermelon Revolution (JPG)

Originally uploaded by Torley

i figured i would dedicate this love thursday to the linden who always puts a smile on my face, with his videos, and his photos of second life. torley linden, this love thursday is for you 🙂

ever since i started sl i have always been a torley fan girl. i watch his flickr and his youtube and it always makes me smile. his photos of him and his wife in their sl explorations are always very lighthearted and they make me want to strive to have that kind of relationship myself. i love how well they connect and how they are perfect for each other.

torley has found some really awesome places in sl, and has show them to us all. he has even set up his own sim, which is also awesome and very torley. the sim has a huge collection of resident created stuff, as well as a place to watch his tutorials.

his tutorial videos have taught me quite a bit about the menus and how to use different settings in sl to really improve my experience, and i feel they are a must for anyone getting into sl. i learn better with his tutorials because he is not dull and to the point. he laughs and shows he is human, he makes jokes and funny voices, and that really is a selling point for me.

most lindens are faceless, or if we do see them, they look pretty drab (except for a few of course), but torley has always been a snappy dresser, or a crazy avatar, or a million other things. he seems sometimes, like the only linden who enjoys second life. he’s not all about business, and that makes him great.

i admire him as well, for being able to keep going, even though he has a few setbacks in his life, and i wish i could be a person like that. it kinda gives me hope, and a bit of inspiration, to keep going, even when i feel down. when i am sad, i watch torley’s videos, and i laugh again.

so thanks torley for your inspiration (and helpful tutorials).


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