searching your name is dangerous to your ego

yes, i get bored, and i search my name on sites. this time, i searched on plurk, because i left and i thought, hey lets see if anyone misses me. well i didn’t get anything recent, got a couple of cute posts from moggsy and then some interesting shit from back in jan/feb.

first i found an old plurk of smiley’s that mentioned that my and lucas wikia entries had been defaced (thankfully smiley is an admin there, and reverted them.) so i went and looked, and well, i’m pretty sure who defaced the entries, it looks familiar… so fuck you wikia entry editing asshole who will remain nameless because i have no definite proof of who you are.

but then also i found this shit:

HawksRock is grumpy today, but just wanna say that I am getting tired of the Nimil-esquing of my timeline with emo crap, snap out of it people!
posted on February 05, 2009 at 06:58PM

wtf is this shit? seriously.. WTF… why the hell am i being picked on here?? was that seriously necessary? i have problems with depression, i don’t consider that emo, i consider that a fucking mental issue. so yeah, that pissed me off. i know its old but seriously.. fuck you jackass.

both of these things occurred in feb, and now i’m kinda wondering wtf happened in feb to rile up the i hate nimil club.

other creepy things that occur when looking up my name include:

finding a list of sl names with my and my ex-twin’s name right next to each other, even though he and i do not share a rezday, nor are we near each other alphabetically… yet google shows us right next to each other.

a link to my landlady’s webpage, which lists me as a teacher in the bdsm classroom, even though i’ve never taught a class >_> (i was supposed to do one on avatar improvement but lazy kicked in)

well i’m off to see harry potter, so, to end the blog i’ll just toss a photo here that i did earlier today, kind of a late tribute to michael.

tribute (a little late)


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