what is going on

i’m not sure if anyone noticed, but i deleted my plurk. i guess its not that big of a deal, i really didn’t have much to say anyway. i deleted it because i got bored of it, i was marking all as read all the time and not even reading most of what was posted on there. i also deleted it to give myself one less place to open my big mouth, because it gets me in trouble. there are too many people on there that piss me off, and seeing them respond to things, i bite my tongue a lot. so this is me getting the hell out of there before i completely ruin myself in the eyes of second life.

but anyway, since no one has im’ed me freaking out about it or anything, i’m guessing its not going to really affect anyone’s life. i am going to try and write in this blog more, but i’m really not doing anything interesting in SL right now. i seem to have the dull disease in all lives.

i am working on making some books of my artwork to sell in the gallery upstairs in our store. i realized alot of people love my stuff but have no where to hang it, so i figured, i have a thinc press that never gets used, why don’t i just make books for people to enjoy! and so that’s what i’m going to do. the first book should have everything you see in the gallery now, plus a few that aren’t in there that i love. more on that after i actually get it all together.

how much do people charge for photoshoots? the answers i get from that question are insanely random. so many different prices and i have no clue where i should set mine. if you’re a photographer, or know one, help me out? give me some ideas… i am stuck on that one minor detail.

and before i close the blog tonight, i want to remind you to visit www.noh8sl.com/ and check out the inworld gallery. i am so proud to be a part of this project.

NOH8 (originally taken by Trace Osterham)


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