My Inspiration?

zoe connolly started this meme about our avatar’s inspiration, and i figure hey, i could use some prompts for writing, so i’m jumping on board.

(picture stolen from jessyka cause she made it cute :p)

my avatar has always had an odd personal style.. not to mention the fact that she is a shape-shifter, which leaves me with endless possibilities.

my main style is mostly influenced by anime. i have always loved the style of japanese cartoons, the way people look, with their oddly styled, and coloured hair, and their crazy clothing.

my avatar’s look also comes from the harajuku street style of dress seen in japan, as well as many J-Rock musicians. i am heavily influenced by their outlandish style of dress and the fact that even with so many people in their country, they tend to all be so very unique in style.

yes i am a little bit of a japan-nerd…

my body shape is inspired by my rl shape.. from a few years ago. i’m not going to lie, i’m no a thin girl, and i have gained a bit of weight, but the body shape you see on nimil now, is the body i had in high school more or less, only with smaller boobs lol. my face is a merging of my real life self and more of that anime stylization which i find personally aesthetically pleasing.

some of my looks are also inspired by musicians and actors… my more dressy looks tend to lean towards pinup girl style. but i cannot pinpoint a single musician or actor that i am inspired by… i suppose its more the style they wear but not them specifically, if that makes sense? i’m also inspired by fantasy and scifi stories full of elves and hybrid people.

anyway, that’s me sorta.. to the best i can explain anyway.


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