the laziest girl on the internet

that should be my new title. all the junk that i could be doing, all the stuff i could write about, take pictures for, etc… i am just too lazy to bother D:

my rezday was almost a week ago, and i didn’t write a blog about it! i should really write one up about all the amazing presents lucas bought me even though i told him i really didn’t need/want anything for my rezday, just him ❤ he bought me a ton of clothing at the fashion expo.

i did my poppins rezday jump which the lovely moggs had come up with sometime last year. she says lucas and i were her inspiration because we used to naked skydive off our skybox XD and the rest of the rezday was spent with cuddles and trying on my new outfits.

the tasteful butt meme gallery opening went off without a hitch and was quite fun. there were alot of people i didn’t know there but i reigned in my anti-social fear and hung around for the duration. got to dance on a ledge with jaeck and near the end crap mariner tried to chainsaw me! evil robots… *grumbles* the gallery is open from now until the end of the month and you can get there by clicking here.

in sorta rl meets sl news, moggs sent me NINE packages of tim tams! i am in biscuit heaven and if you see me somewhere laying in a puddle of melted chocolate near death please blame her :p

and that’s all i’ve got…


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