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yesterday was a time of reflection for me…

someone i barely knew died and it was a shock to so many of my friends that even i felt their sorrow and loss.

my last encounter with rheta was not a happy one. she had irritated me on plurk, and i did what i always do when someone irritates me. i deleted her.

i regret not getting to know her better… i am horrible at first impressions and tend to cut people off like that…

yesterday it was learned that poor rheta, 9 months pregnant, was hit by a van in april and died. no one found out until yesterday when a blog was posted by the person who did the tech stuff for her blog.

my condolences go out to her family and to her friends in sl.

i have a hard time with death, it leaves me at a loss for words, and frightened of my own mortality… i go into a little turtle shell and refuse to come out.

when i need time to think.. i go to the ocean. that’s something i have always loved about second life. no matter where i am, i am never far from the water. its strange that someone like me, who is afraid to swim, and can’t even stand the sun too much, loves the ocean and beaches… watching the waves makes me smile, and it calms my mind when thoughts become unbearable.


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