what is going on in wonderland?

i haven’t written in a while so bleh i will do that now.

the adult content crap has of course been weighing heavily on my mind, as i worry that because of the contradicting statements of LL i will no longer be able to live where i do, and our store will have to move, because the island we live on is going to definitely be flagged “adult”, as well as the island our store is on.

now according to LL, Payment info on file (or payment info used) is enough to be concidered verified as an adult, and you will not have to use the awful aristotle verification method. i HOPE that this is correct, because some of their other statements have made it seem like piof/piu is NOT enough to verify as an adult.

personally i do not like the idea of giving my SSN to anyone i don’t have to. not to mention the thing doesn’t really even work, as a friend told me she put in the required info and it told her she was not who she said she was.

so i really hope that everything with that turns out ok, i would hate to miss out on fun things to do just because i dislike the idea of giving my sensitive personal information to a non-goverment, non-work related party.

another thing pissing people off is the new RC. it pretty much broke everyone’s skins. RC0 made your system makeup layers on top of your skin instead of under, which made everyone look like shit. and now with RC1 people are transparent! yes i realize that the RC is for testing and therefore things are broken but good grief! worst RC ever!

in personal news, my ao suddenly became lost from the database a few days ago. i was devastated. i’ve had that ao since 2006, and it was full of non-copy animations as well as a few animations that cannot be replaced due to the creator no longer existing in second life.

i sent in a ticket, and didn’t hold out much hope since i am a basic account and i have been told that basic account tickets pretty much get ignored. but i was responded to, rather promptly i might add! a linden ran a recovery program on my inventory, and had me clear cache and log into an ocean sim. i waited for over an hour for my full inventory (64k+) to load. sadly the ao was not recovered. they apologized that they could not bring back my ao and then PAID ME 3000L$ FOR MY TROUBLE!!!

i was shocked, i never expected to get a response let alone money! but sadly it still doesn’t bring back my ao which i have had with me for almost all of my second life. i bought back what i could of my stands and walks and what not, and thankfully now animation creators make their animations copy/no trans so this time around i won’t lose them if the ao goes poof.

i joined the flickr group for second life 365. i have always ment to do a 365 for my second life but i get lazy and i forgot. when i saw someone else on my photostream doing one i decided to join and try it out. you can view the set here as it grows.

and that’s all that’s been going on in my world. should probably try to work or something but i’ve been so lazy…


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