fear me! for i have made pants!

so the on-going clothing making quest has continued and i’ve finally made a pair of jeans! i am so excited because they are actually good enough to sell!

behold! a preview of things to come 😀 (the jeans anyway…) they aren’t super amazing or anything but for me its a giant step forward. so yay perhaps i will finally tackle the art of making clothes.

in other sl news, i’m thinking of offering my services as a photographer/photo-manipulator to the grid. but i’m not sure what to charge. the packages would include photos by me in either studio or out in the field, and then i will take them into photoshop and turn them into something awful unique in my style. customers would have options of letting me go nuts (which means you’ll probably end up being a dead thing) or they can tell me exactly what to do to the photos, which of course would probably end up in less death. also customers would be able to order things like large mounted prints complete with frame, modeling portfolio books, profile photos, contest photos, ect.

my only limits are that i won’t photograph you in places i dislike (don’t worry that list is small i promise) and i won’t photograph anything against the tos.

anyway i’ll probably write up a big old page for this site about it once i figure out how much i should charge for this kind of thing. any ideas?

last thing before i close this window and attempt sleep. it seems my blog is number 87 on the second effects : list of sl blogs 2009. pretty crazy to begin with that people would spend that much time compiling a list.. but also crazy because i’m on it. :p this blog is just day to day garbage lol i have nothing important to say here. but thanks to those of you who do read my blog, and i hope you enjoy it.

thats all for me.


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