i should post D:

hello blog. i’m sorry i’ve neglected you…

the vain hunt ended without more annoyances. thank you to those who took a moment to blog our key, you guys are awesome! i hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day.  i spent mine with my wonderful other half, remenicing about our noobish days when we first met and fell in love.. aw.. *barfs* :p

so the twisted hunt started but we didn’t have a chance to join it sadly.. the gifts on the hunt are pretty good though, i highly reccomend checking it out, even though some of the stores have hidden the boxes so well that i’ve had to im store owners for hints and i never do that..so be ready for a challenge.

i’ve started plowing into the world of clothing. i still suck at it but hell yes i made pants the other day and they were only slightly sucktastic!

yes i know it needs work, don’t hate, we all have to start somewhere.. but woot pants!

i also managed to make a pretty bad ass loin cloth thing (ok lucas made the belt part..) and ran around as an elven warrior princess for about a day and a half.. i dunno if we are gonna sell these or something but it was fun to make.

most of my time recently has been sorting inventory lol i let my inventory go to hell in a handbasket in only a weeks time X_x my ocd is angry at me…

i did manage to do a couple of spiffy pics though.

no angel face to face with a fae what i found in dirt town an ode to my nightmares stop... mushy time...

see its not always dark in my head :p. that last picture was me reshooting a photo from 2006 taken in that very spot. i have such a pretty husband.

lastly in recent news i have taken up fashion blogging.. sorta.. let me introduce you to forced midnight. its updated when ever i feel like it, and will include look of the night posts, as well as reviews (once i can find people who want me to review stuff lol), all of them fitting a single theme of dark, creepy, punk, spooky, etc. so if you’re into that, feel free to watch it, and also pester me remind me to actually post there.

i should get back to my inventory sorting, but i wanted to make sure i posted something for march.. i will attempt to continue to cronicle my adventures in wonderland more often.


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