today is a great day

2 years ago on this day, i was exploring the sim gypsy moon. a guy who was hanging out in a crater im’ed me and for some reason, instead of doing as i usually do with random im’s (ignore them and flee the area) i responded to him. we sat in the crater and talked for HOURS about all kinds of stuff. we really clicked, which is weird for me, because i rarely mesh that well with anyone, especially on the first meeting. but there in that crater, i felt like i had met someone i could really enjoy spending time with.

since that day, i have never let go of him. though we may fight, as all couples do, and though we may not see eye to eye, underneath it all, he is the only person in any world that i trust. he is the only person who doesn’t judge me by what i say or do, or how fucking stupid i am sometimes.

he is amazing… and i am so glad that i met him…

and i will never let go.


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