End of the year roundup

so tonight, 2008 comes to a close and i figured i would celebrate it by doing a little round up of some of the exciting things i did this year.

in march we really started stepping up production for LuNi Designs. i started learning to make skins using the great Eloh Elloit templates

in june i tried my hand at making an art installation at brooklyn is watching. i felt it was very awesome but they didn’t seem to get it sadly, but i expected that.

june was also my 2 year rez day and i celebrated it by changing up my avatar’s look a little bit.

july brought more new work for the store.. i made my first tattoo, graphophilia. lucas turned 2 years on july 4th and we celebrated with a crazy party under the arthole gallery.

august brought some very cool changes. first i was accepted as a guest artist for the opening show of the artist park. then my rl birthday happened with a really kick ass party, which lead to the grand opening of our inworld store in tainted hearth. i was also an honorable mention in the hair fair photos contest and got to get a sneek peak at the hair fair the day before it opened!

in september i was asked to be a part of the “REJECTED!” show and had 2 of my pieces in that show.

october brought the vain ghost hunt which netted us a ton of new fans as well as some new friends 😀 the ghost hunt was great fun and we can’t wait to be a part of the valentines’ hunt!

october also brought the 1 year birthday of the island we call home. isle of shadows had an all out full day party with some really great live musicians and dj’s including me :p

sadly october also brought about the beginning of the end for tainted hearth. LL announced that they would be upping the fees for open sims.

the end of october saw our massive halloween party which almost didn’t work due to some sim complications, but in the end we had a great time! oh yes and i got partnered 🙂

in november we gave out turkey hats to our group and left a vendor in the store. keiko morgi loved them so much that she used them on her models during her runway show at the hotel dare!

and december… we were asked to be in post 6, and we dedicate it to the memory of tainted hearth, as the photos were shot there.

sadly the sim will be deleted tonight or probably in the morning. and with it, a part of us will go too. but we have wonderful memories of it and always will.

anyway that is my little round up of the year. i hope that 2009 will be a happy one for everyone who reads this, as well as for myself, and my partner lucas.

my new years resolution is to change, for the better, in some ways.. but not others :p cause somethings will never change *puts on a rude shirt and prepares to party*


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