Bare @ Rose Appreciation week? yes please!

kay i am too lazy to be a real blogger but i figured since there’s a bare rose appreciation blogger challenge going on i would take a moment to show this:

can has barerose

so this is my bare rose folder… i’ve been a customer of bare rose since i started sl 2 years ago and they weren’t even on their own private island yet! as you can see i’ve amassed quite a collection. not all of it was purchased though.. some of it was won from raffle balls, some of it given to me by friends but a huge chunk of it was bought. and i wear it often XD

hell behind the wall of inventory screens there i’m wearing gl gungirl which i just bought a couple of days ago and haven’t had a chance to move into the bare rose folder.

so yes i think i appreciate bare rose quite a bit hehe… its really amazing to put on the old stuff and then new stuff and see how the store has grown and evolved over time. everything there is amazing.


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