ok and now a post about halloween

puppet and master

so this was our second annual halloween party, last year’s was a great success and this year’s was even better!

this year our personal theme was puppet and puppet master. our venue was a giant doll house, decorated with shadow gears on the dance floor, and huge puppet master hands holding marrionette controls, who’s strings hung down over us as we danced.

pre-halloween party 2008 pre-halloween party 2008 we had some great costumes at the party, the winners of our costume contest were daphne abernathy and dazz anvil. both won special edition skins which are not sold in our store and have never been seen before. halloween party 2008 of course everything started out with chaos. we had some teleport issues and at one point the island was completely inaccessable! i was stuck there all by myself and lucas was stuck in the corner of a near by sim! but the night ended well, and after all of it, we had a wonderful time. you may kiss the bride i also made time to get married that night 🙂


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