i am such a nerd!

i am totally thinking about making an sl scrap book. i have SOOOOO many snapshots from sl and they are all over my hard drive.. only a few select ones make it to flickr.. so i was thinking maybe i can gather up some of the fun shots, and make a digital scrap book! i’m already a photoshop nerd.. so i can pretty much make all of the materials i need… i guess the only thing i really need to find is a place to stick it.

not really sure why i am blogging right now! it’s early in the morning and i have no idea what i am doing…

lucas and i are going to be involved with this ghost hunt sponsored by vain inc. it should be pretty cool.. i’ve made a very awesome prize for our store and i think lucas is going to make some stuff to go with it. i’m not sure if i can talk about it yet so i will wait until it gets closer to time but let me assure you it’s AWESOME!

there’s some really big name stores in this ghost hunt so we’re really excited about the prospect of new traffic for the store.. not to mention maybe someone will finally blog about us! that would be nice…

i have another set of skins that i’ve been slacking on for a few months that i will hopefully finish sometime soon… but with it being october my thoughts turn to evil and stuff so i’ve been putting them aside to make some spooky junk instead XD

blah blah blah i have nothing to write about.. i’m going back to playing with digital scrap book crap! whee!


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