a very special episode of nimil in wonderland…

sunday was my RL birthday and i am STILL feeling exausted from it… hah..

i think it may have been the best birthday ever *beams* first at midnight on the 24th (my actual birth hour) lucas took me to probably the BEST movie related sim we have ever seen… REC is a japanese sim for a japanese horror movie which seems to have some spanish related stuff in it? not sure of the details, but if the movie is anything as awesome as the sim then damn i want to see it. we wandered the whole thing, looking at every little sparkly spot (where you can sit and be a part of the scene) even played with the hud which is AWESOME! seriously… a great immersion sim and i want to go back and take photos now.

after that we roamed around aimlessly and then went to bed so we could wake up and plan my birthday party.

i awoke to a wonderful im from gabby, telling me i had presents waiting, and sure enough i had a canimal gift certificate for 1kL! and a pair of Stiletto Moody shoes 😮

i also recieved a beautiful doll key from my big sister lindsay, 1k from lucas because he didn’t know what to get me, and then sky everette im’ed me and told me to pick a hair for free for my birthday! i felt faint lol her hair is GORGEOUS but expensive, it’s worth it’s price though. i ended up with the temptress revisited in black. i never want to take it off!

and then if that wasn’t enough, autumn also sent me hair! it’s adorable, pigtails with a streak on the bottom and the streaks are colour changing! did i mention i love colour changing streaks? well i do, and so i will probably wear the hell out of this hair hehe.

the party was awesome! i was worried it was going to fail because sl decided to have a spaz moment and logins were shutdown twice. but a bunch of people made it 😀 we had the party outside on my back patio, with fireworks and me dj’ing. the guests included a mix of people i knew on sl and people i met recently on plurk. it was quite a night!

after the party i invited our guests to our new inworld homestore location in tainted hearth. everyone loved it which was quite a relief because my nerves were all over the place by that time XD

if you’re interested in visiting the new LuNi store just hit this slurl, i promise you won’t be disappointed!

i wil probably write another post with pictures of my birthday haul after i get done camping this lucky chair at silent sparrow!

i would also like to thank my wonderful friend marx for buying me a year of pro flickr 😀 this means more pictures! definitely!


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