my first trip to chouchou

so usually i avoid places that are popular at least until they calm down a little. i hate trying to take photos in crowded areas, because someone always walks into my camera view. but last night lucas and i ventured to chouchou for the very first time, and i issued him a challenge. we would both take photos and see who would be better. i haven’t seen his finished ones yet but i chose 2 from the ones i took and this is what i came up with.

forgive me

this one is slightly manipulated, adding some painted hair and a wing. also kinda fuzzied the photo a little.


this one was done completely with windlight, using a torley windlight setting called “good for marriage” no photoshop tweeking except for resizing a little.

chouchou was beautiful, i want to see one of the band’s shows now…

also do make sure you check out the hud, i didn’t use it to take these photos but it really makes you see the sim in a new way. very cool.


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