work work work!

jeebus this shop thing is taking over my every waking moment! but it’s going to be worth it…

i just wanted to check in on my poor neglected blog for a moment. last night i did the CSR stamp rally and omg why haven’t i seen this before?!?! i had so much fun and found so many kick ass shops to go visit again when i have more cash!

plus, the prizes were wow… first i nabbed the freshman bag from gritty kitty but then my second prize was this beautiful thing:

!!! is that not the most gorgeous freaking armor you have ever seen? it’s all glowing and shiny… and the gun works! i ended up blowing my self up half way across the sim but still… seriously awesome 😮

today is the last day to do this so check out this page and do what it says! if you’re getting confused there is a visual diagram for the instructions and it is in english as well as japanese so check that out for more help.


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