well hello there blog..

yes i forgot to update again, are you going to sue me? no of course not because nobody reads this thing :p

so what’s going on in the world recently?

well a few days ago i was wisked off to the lingerie expo by moggs and ended up dragging lucas around the sim looking at undies. i did nab a few freebies but did not manage to take anything home… i think perhaps i have enough undies to last me a while and don’t need anymore lol. after that, i wooshed off to the shoe expo (good god how many expos are going on???) and ended up with a sexy pair of heels from shiny things, as well as a kick ass pair of wellie style boots from the people who made my favourite chuck taylors (and who’s name i have totally forgotten…. i suck for writing blogs when i’m not even logged into sl…)

anyway rather fun because i am a little fashion nut even if i don’t seem like it sometimes. yes i admit i love playing dress up…

also going on recently, loco pocos has created MORE avatars! and i am so excited because one of those is a rat and i’ve been waiting for that since before they officially opened *does dance*

there are other things going on, secret things, which i will reveal later when i make sure that i can!

personal wise, i will be attempting to step up my photography skillz because i’m really starting to get good at it and it’s really fun! recently i learned how to paint hair, and that will come in handy because prim hair, no matter how good it is… it’s just not good enough :p. i’m also going to try and make some pieces in the same style as my rl art. it’s dark and evil but it’s so much fun to make.

here are two recent pieces featuring my gorgeous and wonderful boyfriend lucas.



 modern messiah

make sure you click for the full view so you can see all the lovely details. and i do believe that’s all i have to say.


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