busy busy busy

it’s been a busy weekend for me which is rare! first on friday, lucas turned 2 years in sl. we celebrated his rezday with a kick ass party filled with friends and fireworks. Lucas wrote a very touching blog which i would like to point out here because i believe that it really sums up his experience in sl thus far.

then on saturday codie’s new sim “rouge” opened and we partied there for a little while. i believe at the time we were there, codie had 86 people in the sim packed into her club! my photos from the party came out horrible because i had to turn down my settings just to move, but you can see them on my flickr account. rouge is one hell of a sim, terraformed and built by eshi otawara into the likeness of codie chained to a dance pole. (map by ryker beck) it’s very breathtaking and i hope to get a moment to go there when it’s not full of people so i can explore it in it’s entirety.

at midnight slt lucas and i got to go to the loco poco’s sim for the special group opening night. lucas and i both got mouse loco pocos and ran around exploring the sim. it will open to the public on the 9th and it is SO worth it! loco pocos is the work of damien fate and washu zebrastripe so you know it’s good :p i was half asleep by the time i got there so i only ended up getting one photo up, however, there is a loco poco flickr group so you can check all of the photos taken from that night on there.

sunday i was lazy, but then downloaded the newest RC in an attempt to give LL’s client a try (i’ve been on the nicholaz browser for a long time due to it’s patches for the memory leaks) and i was pleasantly surprised that it’s pretty damn stable. dazzle is as ugly as i expected… it’s not really the shape of the new buttons or anything.. just that it’s eyeball killing bright… thankfully a friend showed me some wiki pages that had replacement skins if i decide to stick with the RC. so far i’ve been able to leave it running for several hours without getting the “your ram has been eaten” message followed by crashing. i only crashed twice and i think both times were my fault more than the client’s fault. so that’s pretty cool. i also attempted to make my xbox 360 controller work with the client’s joystick feature, as i’d seen someone use it on a tutorial on youtube, however when i attempted this my camera would do crazy spins and make me spin around in a circle like a tard. so that’s a no go as of right now. perhaps later i can figure it out (of if any of you know how to fix that lemmie know!)


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