Does FedEx® hate art or is the FedEx® sim an imposter?

as some know my friends Arahan Claveau and Nebulosus Severine are both working on art exibits inside second life™ both in Amsterdam and the Virtual Holland sims for a week. a couple of nights ago we were chatting with neb about her massive lightspeed tunnel which in my opinion is an amazing work of prims and textures. during this chat she mentioned that the “co owner” of the neighboring sim, which bares the name “FedEx®”, came by and demanded she remove her art! he stated that there was too much glow and that things were too shiny and if she did not comply and remove the art he would speak to a linden and have her banned! take into concideration that this artwork is on the virtual holland sim, and NOT his sim, which in it’s own self makes his demands worthless.

we started looking into the situation when he flew over and rudely commented “i hope this is gone in a week.” yes we were a little childish, neb rezzed a picture of her bending over in a mooning pose but she was clothed in the photo and again, this is NOT ON HIS LAND!

lets take a look at Kalvin Jefferson, this so called “co-ceo” of FedEx®, as his group title states. his credentials on the main profile, sure they look sharp… but do real marketing professionals, working for a major company, purchase second hand sims and NOT move them to their own grid location not connected to any other sim? the FedEx® sim is located bordering the virtual holland sim as well as a couple of other sims owned by the same group. that’s only the tip of the iceberg. when contacting nebulosus about her art he called her “darling”. i’m sorry that’s not professional at ALL. he then banned anyone who tried to speak with him rationally about the situation except for the owner of virtual holland. they began to construct a rather crude prim wall in the one area where her tunnel was located.

let us also take a moment to dig further and check out the “owner” of this FedEx® sim, xbrian Sands

xbrian’s profile made the inner grammar-nazi in me want to destroy small planets…

What can FedEx offer u in SL? FedEx will make it so u can ship your packages Right here in SL,Thats right no more Logging out to run to the post office.U will be able to ship any package from right here in SL.Plus We will offer shipping right here in SL. at a small fee.Thats right suprise your lady and have us take her Roses with a note card from or send gifts.Let us handle your Delivery.

what professional in their right mind types like that?!?! “u” is NOT an acceptable replacement for “you”!!! especially when you are supposed to be a professional in marketing. as well they did not use the ® symbol when writing out FedEx which most major corporate sims that i have seen always make sure to use the correct branding marks when writing out the names of companies.

UPDATE! xbrian Sands no longer has anything related to FedEx® in his profile… hrm.. curious isn’t it?

their group for the sim also includes the same horribly miswritten text along with the official FedEx® logo for their group image.

none of the group members look like they are really part of any real world corporation. their profiles look like normal second life™ people.

i am all but convinced that this is a sham. if i am wrong then my appologies go to FedEx® because you are working with a very immature team.

still waiting on word on if this is actually a fake company or if this is a real company, but it just looks a bit questionable in my opinion.


15 thoughts on “Does FedEx® hate art or is the FedEx® sim an imposter?

  1. Fakes abound.

    In this case, ask for something on company letterhead sent from their legal department… delivered via Fedex, of course.

    If they squeak, AUP/TOS them for Harassment.

  2. That guy was a total moron and the way he spoke to Neb was outrageous. His demands were totally unreasonable, and he is very deluded if he thinks anyone would comply with such silliness.

  3. First, if someone is rezzing something, even in other sim, that you can see from your place and is really disturbing there are a million ways to be polite while asking for a solution.

    Second, sadly SL (as RL) is full of morons.

  4. Well I looked into this and who ever did your background check is way off xbrian sands was not the sim owner.Plus when it comes to moving a sim that is not done in a matter of sec.It takes time for linden lab to do this.Plus I spoke with a few Lindens I know with in Second Life and had them look into this Matter.It was not a fake but was a real deal.They was working on getting the contract from fedex so they could bring Fedex into Second Life,But with people like the ones they ran into are so unpro and There is tons of saved Notes of all convos that was said inside Second Life.and to post all this?Well thats kind of childish I would say.Its people like this that start things and in the long run.It knocks out alot of business coming into Second Life.You all should grow up and worry about your own things and not so much on what others are doing……

  5. xbrian sands did own the sim as he was the owner of the fedex group that owned that sim. it was being checked out by the owners of the virtual holland sims and even they said it seemed suspicious and like it wasn’t real. shortly after the virtual holland sim owners looked into the fedex sim, xbrian sands’ profile changed, including his photo which used to show him standing in front of fedex trucks…

    sims do move very quickly, when the people who owned the sim i live on sold their extra sim it was moved in 2 days, these guys are still there attached to virtual holland as far as i know.

    their demands were ignorant and obsurd and in my opinion of this is how they act then i don’t want fedex in my sl.

  6. well First off you are wrong.I just looked into it and the sim is on its own and not near any other sim.You make your group look just as bad by posting stuff and to be honest its free advertisement for them.But I am one that dont stick my nose in other peoples stuff.But if both groups are fighting over something so little then honestly Maybe both groups need a new leader cause this is all childish stuff.

  7. curious.. did you start this checking now? or back when this blog was written? you realize that it’s been weeks since this occured and at present it seems that the “fedex” sim is for sale BY XBRIAN SANDS. check search and find it for yourself it says to contact him to purchase it.

    it’s moved yes i see that and i have been gone for a week and a half and this is the first i’ve even thought about this bs…

    but when there were complaints being throw at artists about their work, the sim was parked right next to an art festival! and that’s what i was writing about… the fact that these guys acted very immaturely for so called business professionals.

  8. first of all, the original complaints made by the geniuses that were calling themselves “co-ceos” of fedex, were about the art that was placed at their sim border… so yes, you are wrong. the sim was attached and people could walk over to it.

    secondly, this could’ve been avoided, but some people have to make issues of everything. its unfortunate, but it should be a lesson.

  9. Hello Readers Its me again.I have spoke with Betsy Linden with in Linden Lab.Yes xbrian Sands was a manager for the sim Fedex but again not the owner.The owner must hold the Estate of a sim and If people would look at the Estate of a sim then you would see the owner.and as for that sim people please grow up.If you all was a true artist then act it.I dont see any of the people you are making a big deal about making post or looking like kids in grade school.
    Please feel free to message Betsy Linden she will give you the detail all about this Fedex deal.Linden Lab has it all on file.xbrian Sands was the one that made the Fedex group and yes he was owner over that group but as far as a I see no record of any land ever owned by him.But I love people like you all.It keeps me at par with my reports on groups with in Second Life.Well I look forward to checking back.Have fun children.Till next post I am out.

  10. By the way for the readers.I spoke with xbrian Sands and here is some info he passed to me to show my readers so i thought I would share it with you all as well,,

    Thu May 08 2008
    Nebulosus Severine: i’m not “darling”
    Nebulosus Severine: so please do not address me with condescending terms
    Kalvin Jefferson: I appologize, thank you for your understanding
    Kalvin Jefferson: And I like what you do and your arts, very nice
    Kalvin Jefferson: Do you sell them?
    Nebulosus Severine: no
    Kalvin Jefferson: OK
    Nebulosus Severine: i don’t mind donations, and i sometimes give art away, but i don’t believe in art as commerce 😦
    Nebulosus Severine: money is not my motivator
    Kalvin Jefferson: Epressing yourself trough your crafts
    Nebulosus Severine: yes
    Kalvin Jefferson: brilliant
    Kalvin Jefferson: I’d like to notify that we own the sim in front of the place I met you, It is extremelly close, we do not own the sim you were on
    Kalvin Jefferson: But the one in front
    Kalvin Jefferson: Border 2 border

    That is the First time anyone said anything about all this.I have to say I agree with The Kalvin guy.Its about the looks and with it being a major Company such as Fedex he was looking out for the best of this Project that they was working on inside Second Life.

    Well enjoy and I will speak more with xbrian to get more info on this.

  11. im pretty sure you’re the only guy making a big deal out of it james.

    as far as speaking with lindens about the owner of a sim, thats a pretty bold statement. the information is there if people need to review it… and im starting to think they might. but there are plenty of chatlogs to verify that the “co-ceo” of fedex cant spell, and was the one building walls and acting childish james.

    i doubt very much that anyone connected with a company like fedex would have people like that attached to any deal. and in fact, if this kind of commentary keeps up, i would expect them to make inquiries about an issue that could damage their image and credibility.

    but while you’re making calls, call fedex and ask them if their employees can spell.

    “If you all was a true artist then act it.”
    i will take that to heart though.

    peace out homie

  12. Well for one thing saying I am someone that I am not Thats fine with me.I dont have to prove myself or who I am to anyone.But if you Honestly would like my name in SL then sure I have nothing to Hide.Add me I would like your side of this story as well and If you all have proff on what you are saying then sure that would be nice to have as well.If I dont hear from you then I know who is in the right and who is in the wrong.Look forward to Chatting.Please message me on phantom Gears Talk with you all soon.Peace out

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