geeze time keeps flying and i’m having trouble keeping up with it.

luNi Designs has opened 2 stores as well as an online location at slexchang. check my sidebar for links to the stores or find the locations in my profile pick on sl.

today is lucas’ rez day 😀 amazing that we’ve both been around for a year on sl now!

it’s also july 4th which is actually the day i started really playing sl. before july 4th i would show up and camp a little and log out cause i really couldn’t think of anything to do on there lol but the 4th there was a shuttle launch and i decided to go watch it at the nasa center inworld. and that was the day i decided to start hanging around. i went to the angry ant and made some friends over the course of a couple of months (i make friends slow…) and now i’m married and have a store O_o. strange how times change.

not much else to talk about. working on some junk.


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