*kicks rock*

i downloaded the first look viewer after much internal debate with myself… my intention had been to check out windlight but to my dismay after i downloaded and installed the client i found that they had taken windlight out of the new first look viewer and put voice in… *pouts* so i missed out on playing with windlight.

from what i saw on the first look viewer, voice sucks… the new chat box they’ve made for it is kinda weird after being so used to having a seperate box for chat and im’s. also i do not have a mic and none of my friends are really interested in voice so blah. not worth it.

the playboy sim was very um.. interesting. i took a really nice shot on the beach there. they had little poseballs set up for you to do your own playboy shoots i guess lol


i also used that image to take a chance at working with some ideas on fuzzing out the backgrounds for some depth. i think it came out well except for a small spot that i flubbed up and didn’t realize until it was too late to fix it easily. but still, it’s a great shot 😀


3 thoughts on “*kicks rock*

  1. Lovely wings you have going on there 🙂 Cool pick

    I wonder if anyone will actually use voice, most of my friends are not into it at all, some people dread it, those who have tried said it’s a mess and I…I couldn’t care about it less LOL

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