party party party!

so yes the shfc party was quite an event! first the party was delayed a little because for some reason the sim that the club is on was suddenly FULL! arg.. sucky. but thankfully sunshine and klink donated a little space on their island and arahan was able to get it up and running without it being too behind schedual. it was a great party and i met people that i’d only seen photos of on flickr or read the blogs of before 😀 lucas accompanied me and we had a blast.

i took many photos! so i’m just gonna link to my flickr account lol.

this is also a small plea of help, as my flickr is a freebie account and i have reached the 200 image limit for visible images… this means that only the newest 200 that i upload will be visible and the rest will be hidden from view 😦 not cool, and i have no way to make my flickr anything but free. so this is a call to those of you who would like to get me a present (my rez day is coming up soon hint hint) i would really appreciate a paid flickr account so that i can keep on showing off the great places and people that i’m seeing in my travels.

ok i am done being a whore for my photo passion haha.

tomorrow lucas and i will have been dating for 5 months. yay!


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