i have aquired a new videocard. feast your eyes upon my pretty avatar in all her vertex shaded glory.

new videocard

oh and i have ripple water now too!

newcard videocard

this means great things for both me and the shop. great for me cause now me and lucas can get married. :p great for the shop because now i can SEE so i know what stuff i make looks like X_x.

it’s also nice to be able to wander around places and have NO LAG. i have never been able to walk though the crack den so smoothly as i did yesterday with lucas.

this also means that my photo goodness shall return! as soon as i have time for that sort of activity anyway… my real life job is still sucking up most of my free time and when i get home i want to spend the free time i have with lucas so i’ve got hardly any time to do anything else. not that i am complaining about spending time with lucas… lol i’d rather do that than anything else on the whole wide grid.

in other news, the great and powerful arahan claveau has decided to close his club/installation “super fun happy club”. there is a party for it on saturday for members only so if you’re a member of the group, say hi at the party! i’ll be trying to make a small appearance if i can. 🙂 i wish arahan well and hope that he comes up with another cool project that will prod people in sl to THINK instead of just being a dumbass.

playing mary

that’s it for me. i’m on my way to work. ugh…


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