gah X_x

my rl has taken over!!! nooooo!!!

what is up second life? shit has been crazy lately. are child avvies illegal? i have no clue. that shit is a touchy subject that i’m not sure i should even get into at the moment.

yes i do have a child avvie, and yes i do sometimes run around in it. but no, i do not do dirty things with it… the very idea of that is pretty disgusting to me.

i have no place to judge people though. second life is a world of fantasy, and people can, and should be able to, do as they wish as long as they aren’t actually hurting anyone.

the video brought out by the german government that started this shit, is rumored to be a setup. the avvies were supposedly made by the people who made the video in an attempt to slander LL. and now thanks to them, sl is going to turn into 1984 and who knows what the next thing will be to get yanked away from us. gor? roleplaying in general? furries? the subject is a snowball that if left to roll could take away anything that anyone conciders “weird” leaving second life to be about as dull as a pg chat room.

what people are failing to remember is, these are adults, engaging in something consensual. the two people who were banned were not under age, and (if it wasn’t a set up to begin with) were willing participants in the acts they partook in. in no way is this against the second life terms of service agreement.

if we stop and take out everything that may be illegal or disgusting in every country, and to every person, then we might as well just remove the second life graphics portion all together. there will always be someone who is offended by something.

my hope is that LL comes to it’s senses and realizes that just because they get a little bit of bad press does not mean that they need to punish us all.

ok now that that is off my chest…

my rez day is next month. please feel free to buy me presents :p or money… money is nice too.

my beloved partner has started building some very nice things in second life. a 3 floor skybox that he is currently texturing (we live in a larger version of it.), some random furniture, and he’s even working on animations. we hope to have the new stuff out for sale any time now *nods* and i’ll make sure to update the blog when that becomes available.

welp that’s all i have to write about, see you in world 😉


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