i’m going to write!

yes.. i should write here more…

right now i’m sitting here trying to get back to my home sim, it went down or something and i can’t log into it. ugh. so tiresome.


this photo got suddenly really popular O_o it’s been up there for months on flickr but just a few days ago it was noticed and added to 2 very cool flickr groups. one of which is very invite only and hard to get involved in apparently. so that’s pretty cool. i miss taking nice photos like that *kicks computer*

yesterday while shopping lucas and i encountered two of the hugest asses i’ve ever seen in second life. WHY?!?! someone please tell me why these girls think that they need an ass that can double as a flotation device? i just do not understand!!!

this evening i am attending a wedding thing for laylah and her partner horus. laylah is lucas’ sl twin and the owner of the sim which we live on. it should be pretty interesting since they are vampires and what not. if only the sim would come back up so i could figure out what i’m going to wear tonight X_x;


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