new creations and a bit of fun in a post human world

at the top of the list today i’ve got a swank avatar and a shoulder pet made by my real life boyfriend:


both of which can be found at my home store location and slboutique. the shredder avatar can also be found at grendel’s children.

next i’ve created a special free t-shirt for anyone who feels that unverified account owners are being treated unfairly by others in Second Life. if you’d like a copy of this t-shirt, please IM me in world or leave a comment here with your SL name, and i’ll send you one.

i recently got bored and ran around looking for cyberpunk merchandise and found a really awsome post human roleplay city

here i am digging around in a dumpster hehe the animations in this city were quite cool. i actually opened the lid of this dumpster, and then proceeded to climb in and dig around. and then was presented with a random item.

laundromat complete with videogame that animates me hehe

i swear i’m not suspicious! um.. please forgive the missing rat ear, i didn’t realize it was gone until later :s

it’s a game! in a game! omgwtfbbq!? this little area was fun. after wandering down a massive sewer, i came upon a little hidden vault home with a bed, toilet/sink, and this little computer system, complete with a prim plug! great detail.

all in all a great city that i plan to run around in more often.

 head there now!


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