i can’t think of a title

lately the grid attacks have been constant. it’s really sad that these people have no lives other than to ruin other people’s fun. the community wants all unverifieds out, some want us to just be restricted to really boring parts of second life where we can’t rez anything, what’s the point of that place if i can’t see my friends, or create anything? if that sort of thing happened, i would just leave. but hopefully they can remedy this horrible thing without that sort of stuff.

in lighter news, a few days ago i set loose my first furniture set, and i am quite proud of it.


the asian floral bedroom set includes a bed (no poseballs so you can place your own), a working wardrobe with false mirror on the inside of the door, and a working trunk.

this set can be found in my home store, or the online second life shopping sites. just check the links to the left.

my home store also has a fun little mega pack of halloween theme tshirts, all the halloween themed tshirts in one box, 7 shirts for 50L$. quite a bit of savings there. the box will be under my shirt vendor until november 1. the tshirts will however remain in the vendor, the box special will just be gone.

oh and since i forgot to show a photo of the new shop:

borg cube 😀


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