another long span of time with no update. ugh.

well it’s october and i’d like to start off this blog by showing off the new tshirts i made especially for the holiday 😀


also made one misc shirt:


there is also one new art piece avalable for purchase!

all of them are available at the store locations shown in my links. 😀

ok now that i’m done advertising, second life has been interesting lately. grid attacks happened last night twice aparently (i only caught the first one) everyone is screaming for cc verification and i’m still worrying that i’m going to lose sl if they do that. i guess it’s just something i’ll have to wait and worry about :p

this month is a busy one irl so second life time is getting a bit limited. my real job at hacker house starts this friday and i am so excited! i love scaring people 🙂

lately my friends and i have been going little and running around like kids. why you ask? well it’s fun. if people would stop freaking out about it and tried it, they’d probably have fun too.

here’s us being.. adorable:

phil and i went in together and bought some land (well he bought because i can’t) and now i have my own shop! i still sell my stuff at flea’s shop but now i have my own homepoint to do with as i please 😀 no pictures yet but soon. and a lm will be in my links as soon as i remember to make one lol.

that’s it for me. i’m off to go be a goofball again.


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