ok yes i’m remembering to write again!

god so much has happened since last i wrote and i’ve just been too busy/lazy to write it all down. has anyone noticed i always seem to write in this on wednesdays? haha i guess it’s because i get a chance to slow down when the SL servers are down :p which they have been alot lately.

working at my job has made me so many new friends and some have been very generous 🙂 phil and kim logan share their plot with me, my friend krash, seth, and jimmy. they even gave me a house to live in 😀 i love it there and it’s great to have more than a one room apartment lol.

flea gave me some space to sell in her store which is awsome because her store is super cool and gets alot of traffic ❤ coy’s gonna try and sell avatars in there too (if he ever gets off his butt and finishes more than just shredder)

i got a new avatar a couple of weeks ago from one of my favourite furry avatar makers, malluchi! it’s a bat and it’s so cute 😀

jimmy is a new friend that we happened to meet while shopping after work one night. we drug him around that night and he just sorta stuck 🙂 he’s a great friend, an artist, and makes me laugh constantly. here’s a picture of me and him after i took him shopping for some non-noob stuff. (and yes he picked out everything he’s wearing :p)

here’s a pretty picture i took the other day of me and seth (seth dressed as a tree guy…)

i have this crazy story idea now… about a princess and a tree and stuff.. eh i’ll write it down someday.

i need to take pictures of where i live! arg. ok i’ll edit this after i get sl to work again.


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