a job, and more!

ah so i was lazy and neglected to write after my birthday blog…

i have a job at the minx den 😀 i dance on a table lol. not really exciting i know but it’s fun and i love that sort of thing! you get to meet all sorts of interesting people as a dancer. and no i’m not a stripper. i dance, i don’t disrobe.

like so:

i think i am in love with that dance ball.

so of course this is mostly to fund my shopping addiction as well as allow me to upload things that i make.

speaking of upload, i put about 4 or 5 new photomanipulations out forsale last night 😀

my old rp buddy devin (truessence on sl) finally got second life, and i showed him were i work. then i ended up with blackmail!


dancing on my table.. tisk tisk.

oh and of course today i took a trip to the gritty kitty store at “the block” got a lovely waste management shirt with a rat on it. and found this adorable kitty head bed thing.

i couldn’t resist trying it out. i like living dangerously lol *squeeks*

i made myself a rat tail and rat ears to combat the millions of nekos on SL. maybe after i perfect them i’ll release them to the public, but for now, i am the only one. here’s a nice shot of my ass that i photoshopped a little:


i wish my real ass was that nice lol

well that’s about it for me.


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