goodbye to you

my favourite club in second life,the angry ant, closed tuesday, even though most of us were very against it. in the end it was the owners decision and most of us (except for a few who spent the entire party irritating us with boxes calling sarah selfish), had a lovely last night party on the 20th.

here’s some pictures from the event:

the celebration. i'm dancing with nox there.

celebrating the life of a great club. that’s me dancing with nox (the guy in the black cape)

heavy arms (nox again) table dancing. that’s me in the background. my last table dance šŸ˜¦

my last table dance. wearing some of the chaosspire necromancer outfit that vivian bought me for my birthday. caile is pole dancing, something that we’ll probably never see him do again lol

dancing with caile before the party ended.

i feel weird now. i don’t have a club to go to when i’m bored. i feel too shy to go hang out in the big clubs like everyone else is doing… the angry ant was small, and we were all like family there.

i miss you guys.


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