creativity strikes!

the 10L$ upload fee is a killer! i suddenly figured out how to make more than tshirts and now i have a ton of clothing sitting on my hard drive waiting on me to have the cash to upload it all 😦

thankfully i managed to get a few of my creations out there. i have a store in wolfhaven mall now. well.. not really a store, more like.. a stall haha. but still, it’s something to start with. my tshirts are still selling like mad. aparently people like the ones involving strippers. hehe. i made a tubetop, and some armsocks, hopefully they will be popular as well!

a while back i found nyla from the house of nyla, and told her how much i loved her designs and how i would buy them all if only i had the cash, and not long ago she sent me a full lingerie set! and this was no freebie… this was a 300L$ set O_O i am so very greatful for this!

a good friend of mine gave me an angleroo! i love it so much *huggles av to pieces* i’ve been terrorizing furry land with it. getting asked all sorts of weird questions. especially since i put tentacles on it. i made some that glow in the dark 🙂 hehe

hm. what else… OH! i was asked to be a mod for the SL-forums 😀 i hope i can do my job well and not be hated lol.

that’s all for now 🙂


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