LL is closing their forums, which i for one think is a very stupid move. the heart of any multi-user game is the community. the forums do get some stupid arguments and for that reason i say they should just close down the chit chat sections and leave the parts that help us. like the section to ask questions about problems, and the sections with tutorials for creating things.

i can’t understand why LL keeps slowly  pulling away from their users. it’s like they don’t want to know what we think. very sad if you ask me.

on the plus side of life, i have started renting a store but i don’t think i like where it is. it’s very new and doesn’t seem to get much traffic. :/ i might move but i’ll wait until my rent is up. i’m also going to stop renting my apartment out. i don’t see a point to having it. i don’t bring anyone to it.

i need new ideas for things to make and sell. tshirts are getting old. everyone can make them, and my ideas aren’t very original.


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